Advent prayer

A most expressive prayer for Advent by Lucy Mills

Lucy Mills

O God,
On this first Sunday of advent we consider
The conflict and anxiety in our world,
our country, as well as in the relationships
of those around us.
Big or small,
moments of despair
affect us all.

We cry for a Prince of Peace
who acts with both grace and certainty…
tender to the weary and the wounded,
but challenging those who seek
to injure others with weapons of word or action,
challenging them to a better way –
creating new ways of thinking,
so that lives may be changed.

God – you are the one who came in Jesus, as Word incarnate,
you are the one who comes by your Spirit into our lives today,
again reminding us of the Messiah who saves
and made his dwelling among us…
you are the one who will come again in that same Jesus
in a future hard for us to…

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